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3 Benefits of Low Impact Exercise

Benefit 1: Helps Strengthen Muscle, Improve Mobility and Flexibility 

Low impact exercises such as yoga and pilates help improve core strength and balance. Additionally, they help increase flexibility. According to Chuze Fitness, many low impact exercises involve slow controlled movements and holds. As a result, the body builds up strength to not only hold the position, but improves in overall flexibility and core strength as the body adapts to the postion (1)

Benefit 2: Less Tension on Joints and Tendons

According to verywellhealth, one of the major benefits of low impact exercises is that they are more gentle on the joints. There are no harsh and sudden impacts made onto the joints and during standing exercises at least one foot will always be on the ground (2). Furthermore, low impact exercises are less abrasive on other areas prone to soreness and aches such as the neck and back. Even if you do not have any existing tendon or joint damage, it is still beneficial to implement low impact exercises into HIIT workout routines (1). It can allow your body to rest and recharge while still engaging in physical activity and help prevent long term joint damage (1).

Benefit 3: A Healthy Body = A Healthy Mind 

The Dana Foundation talks about the benefits of exercise on a chemical level. The shorthand version is that as you exercise, different chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins will be released into your body (3). As those chemicals are produced you are left with a better mood overall. Regular exercise can be great to help with improving mood and increasing blood flow to the brain, flooding the brain with vital nutrients and oxygen (3).

Game Plan

Now that 3 benefits of low impact exercise have been discussed it is time to make a game plan. 

Plan ahead. Schedule in 30 minutes to an hour dedicated to exercising and set reminders on your phone. Schedule in time to exercise like you're scheduling an important meeting. Make exercising a social event by inviting family, having a workout buddy and/or finding local exercise groups. In the words of Dr. Khan “we are not asking you to train for an Iron Man” rather to implement daily exercises into your routine to help with your body’s physical and mental health. 

Make an appointment to further discuss your ongoing health and how low impact exercise can make a huge impact in your life. 

Nabeel A. Khan MD